Looking to subscribe to a monthly VW magazine wiith repair tips, features car of the month and other VW discussions also not the ones that are dedicated to chopping or jazzing them up. I looked around on the web and saw only ones that were like $50 -$60 dollars a year for 12 issues so I stopped looking thought that was over priced does anybody have any favorites ..........?

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I get HotVW's, but it's so so. A lot of ads nowadays it seems. Another favorite is Ultra VW out of the UK. Not sure of the price on either one though. I've been getting HotVW's for awhile and just keep updating the subscription. I pick up Ultra VW at Barnes and Noble Bookstores. There aren't many VW publications out there these days from what I've seen. Good luck in your search.

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VWtrends has pretty good info on the site.
It's a shame it was dropped from publication in 2005 I believe.
They have a complete buildup on a '71 on the site.

Other than HotVW and the VWtrends site online.
I don't check out any others just do all my reading online.
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The two best air-cooled VW magazines come from the UK, Ultra VW and VolksWorld.

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We have something in common Wayne
I read the ULTRA VW and Volksworld both from the UK...
I also subscribe to VWA magazine
a quarterly Australian VW magazine..
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