Hey,  Have any of you guys installed some kind of junkyard seats in, like from a modern honda, subura or even a Jetta or etc.?  Was it fairly easy to weld? the modern seats to the orig frames?  or is it more desireable to get foam and covers for the origes?
My seats now 73 don't seem too mashed down springwise although the old horsehair is pretty much wore out.  thanks.

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on the 73 and newer beetles jetta seats have the same track setup but you will need to cut a little more then a inch out of the back legs and reweld.

with things like honda seats you will need to remove the stock vw center mount and bolt or weld the legs to the pans.
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I always wondered how they got those Honda seats in there...

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When I bought my '66 it came with some smoking hot 90's mistubishi eclipse seats in it. Nice high back design but no padding to speak of. Prev. Owner just welded a piece of 1/8" flat stock onto the top of a low back lower frame, drilled a couple holes and bolted the frames to the mitsu seat bottoms. Simple. They fit ok, but not the look I had in mind so they've made the transition out in favor of some low backs that will eventually get re-covered but for now have autozone seat covers on them.
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Hi ! new to VW I have a 1973 SB with newer seats they do not fit well . Are there any year VW seats that will fit my tracks?

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Hi....I have the same question....are there any other VW seats that fit the Super Beetle 3 point tracks?
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I read somewhere that the seats from Jetta will fit.
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