Anyone even remember these? Sort of like the "Rolls Royce" kits that were availible through all sorts of mail order back in the 70's, to give the VW Bug a different (retro) look? Looking to find and if in good condition for the asking, purchase one for my 70 Standard, thanks.

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I always thought they looked funny, but hey it's your car not mine.
Good luck with it. I have seen a few that came out real nice, once all the finish work is done.
There are others out there but for $149.00? Might be worth a look.
Link Here
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I think the Bug House here in VA has a set.
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Thanks for inputs, I'll check into the Bug House in Va.
Been to a few swaps and shops, seen a few Rolls, but not the WIllys Ford look, they seemed to have disappeared.
Thinking, if I get the 70 painted eventually, could have both "hoods" painted and could always Barbie doll accessorize when I'm ready for a change in the look...

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all kinds of stuff here

Lots of kits
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Did you ever find your hood??  I might have a lead on a used one that seems to be in good shape for you.
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