i know im fishin but i figured id try...

Im lookin for any year beetle. i was a stripped rusted shell. no engine...no trans...no suspension....pans can be rotted out i dont care.

i dont want something thats a good canidate for an original resto. i want something i can "massage as needed" lol

the only requirements i got is it has to have a pretty complete body. the window frames must be in decent shape and i want something thats straight and hasnt been wrecked

i got a trailer so pickup is no big deal. a roller would be the easiest but beggers cant be choosers.

please email me if you got what im lookin for thanks!!

im in myerstown,pa 17067

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there is a place near clarion pa that is like a vw graveyard and they could probably help you. i was talking to the owner and they showed me one that they got for $50 that wasn't even in awful shape.  i can get you there number if you want more information

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clarion is a bit far. over 4 hour drive for me. im lookin eastern pa/NJ/MD

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