• What is this?

    1972 super beetle mounted on the left side of the engine compartment. nothing is connected to it. what is it?

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    Started by ninetoes

  • Super beetle runs for 10 minutes then misfires

    Hello all, Just looking for some help with my VW beetle rebuild. I have rebuilt my engine with new plugs, electronic distributor, leads, a new...

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    Started by George

  • Accelerator pedal

    my accelerator pedal is sticking every now and again. Any thoughts. Thinking it’s either the cable or a carb issue. Any thoughts.

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    Started by vdubtribe

  • Rocker switch

    Looking for help finding a rocker switch to fit into the aux switch location. I added fog lights to my 73 Super Beetle and the provided switch is...

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    Started by skeller01

  • Air Vent Cover

    A problem solved? Air comes into the cab through a 10" X 2" vent in the cowl just under the front windshield. It can be turned...

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    Started by Twiliger

  • Won’t start. Good Battery.

    Hi all: New to the forum and a new 72 super beetle owner. It’s in decent condition for the age. However, today it just will not start. I put the...

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    Started by ItalicAlec

  • Headliner Coloring

    So, years ago I had a spankin' brand new headliner installed in my 73 Super. Looked great for 10 years or so, But now there's a brownish yellow...

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    Started by Twiliger


    Finally after an incredible 7 week stay with Bub Barn here in Tucson "The Blues" has a new R134 compressor. No more trying to find...

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    Started by Twiliger

  • 71 Super Beetle

    I am new to this forum, any help is appreciated, so i recently discovered a problem... when i drive my sb and turn, there is a sctratching noise,...

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    Started by thexsmiths

  • New to forum

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum. I grew up having VW's back home in South East Asia. My Dad used to have a Kombi, 1973 Super Beetle 1303 and I...

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    Started by Vert71

  • Original 1972 Super Beetle steering wheel

    Does anyone know of a place to obtain an original black 4-spoke steering wheel for a 1972 Super Beetle? Someone removed the one from my vehicle...

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    Started by djgoss

  • Turn Signal

    On my 1972 Super Convertible. My left turn signal illuminates on the spedo and left (front/rear works). The right does not illuminate on the spedo...

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    Started by djgoss

  • Wood panel

    Does anyone know where I can get wood paneling for my 1971 Vert? It came with wood paneling when I bought this but they are kinda warp so I took the...

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    Started by Vert71

  • Noob here

    Yep, new guy to Beetles, and VW's in general. There's one that's fairly local to me, and I'm hoping to look at it soon. Is there anything specific I...

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    Started by Sparx_Macgyver

  • Oil relief spring plug

    My 72 Super Beetle has the standard screw oil relief spring plugs. They are flush to the crankcase and are very difficult to remove. It appears...

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    Started by djgoss

  • timing fuel injected

    A friend of mine has a fuel injected engine converted to a 34 pic 3 carb engine. He has a single vacuum line distributor. Should this engine be timed...

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    Started by Jim_65

  • Starts fine then is hard to re-start

    My 72 Super beetle doesn't have a hard time initially starting in the morning. But after I go for a bit of time and then stop to do an errand, it is...

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    Started by djgoss

  • Generator and Oil Light

    Hi, I am new to owning an older VW Super Beetle (1972 convertable). I was just driving it home two days ago when the generator light came on and...

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    Started by djgoss

  • 1972?

    Just bought what was sold as a '72 Super Beetle. Started looking and think it may be a '71 that has been registered wrong. VIN is 111310xxxx which...

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    Started by STDog

  • Front fenders

    Hi, I'm loolong for two front original 71 super beetle fenders. I live in southern NY. If anyone has some for sale or knows where I could purchase...

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    Started by Russ

  • Front suspension parts

    Hi, I have a ’75 Super Beetle that needs new front suspension bushings. This would include the eccentric bushings and their bolts and the ball...

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    Started by super75

  • VW Restoration-Where??

    Living near Lake Tahoe and need work done on the VW SB. New paint job, sand bondo, roof liner. Anyone have someone good within a reasonable driving...

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    Started by NevadaVandal

  • Gas Smell Fix?

    The gas smell situation with V-dubs cab be a very frustrating. I have a 73 Super that has been featured here on Superbeetles.com. I have had work...

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    Started by Twiliger

  • Floor Heater Vent On

    I have a 73 Super. Hot air coming through foot level vent on Driver side. Both levers are in Off position. What is the fix? Thanks.

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    Started by Twiliger

  • A Dilemma

    Hi everyone and Happy Holidays! I’m in a bit of a dilemma with my ‘75 Super Beetle. It has a fuel injected engine like all U.S. Beetles have...

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    Started by super75