• 1978 VW brake light switch wiring question

    I posted a topic about my dash brake light always on, until you step on the brake pedal. You were able to supply me with good info, but the problem...

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    Started by flip1978

  • Dash brake light bulb stays on until you start to depress the brake pedal, then it goes off.

    I replaced the entire brake system starting with the master cylinder. I found some of the wires leading to the two brake light switches had been...

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    Started by flip1978

  • 1978 Super Beetle backup light switch question

    I have a "single poll" backup light switch in my transaxle. All replacement switches are "two poll" type. Has anyone ever...

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    Started by flip1978

  • Aero Kits / pieces

    Hello, fellow Aircooled friends, I have a 1971 Super (Rally Spec) and I was wondering if anyone knew of any place where I could get any aero...

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    Started by KhaiAndrews

  • Clutch Slave Cylinder

    Hey i have a '71 Super Beetle with a stock trans and I was wondering if there was a kit available to change out the stock cable to a slave cylinder...

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    Started by KhaiAndrews

  • Won't start

    Hi I'm new to the group thanks for accepting me. I purchased my 1973 Super Beetle last week and been having a lot of fun with it. I left something on...

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    Started by skeller01

  • camber? how? help

    im going to lower my struts, but need to tuck in the tires, would you gi=uys be able to tell me what my camber adjustment looks like, and...

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    Started by hurley209


    For some unknown reason, the voltage on my 73 Super increases at all different times while sitting at idle in traffic, and when driving. It's more...

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    Started by jdca4503

  • performance ignition system?

    Has anybody heard of or use the Compu-tronix DIS4? (Distributorless Ignition System) Web Site http://www.compu-tronix.com/DIS4009.htm I'm having...

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    Started by Sleepwalker

  • Beetle won't idle properly

    So I have a freshly rebuilt 1600 vw air cooled engine and it won't idle. I have done a lot of work on the engine. For example, it has a new crank,...

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    Started by Tomthebeetleman

  • Better engine?

    Hi! I just bought a 78 Super Beetle Convertible named Tweety (by the previous owner), because it is Tweety Bird yellow. So cute, but my previous car...

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    Started by Wildegurl

  • Alternator fit problem.

    I am replacing the generator on my 71 SB, with a Alternator. Have ran into a problem with the pulley alinement . The alternator pulley is about a 1/4...

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    Started by Mikew68

  • Exhaust Reccomendations? Poll

    I'm looking at replacing my stock exhaust and have a few questions. I want something with a nice throaty sound, but not a stinger scream. Any...

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    Started by odyssey704

  • suspension components help/ shifter Q

    Ive been in the process of deciding which suspension to order for my 75 super and ive heard just about everything of all the different companies....

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    Started by dizi

  • H4 Headlight Conversion

    I have heard some chatter on the forum about this and I have always wanted to do it. Anybody done the H4 conversion? First I need to get new fenders...

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    Started by sup73bk

  • Spark plug gap for electronic ignition

    About a year ago I converted my 72 super beetle to electronic ignition and it's been running like a champ with no problems at all. I've been hearing...

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    Started by jbfelix

  • 73 Super Beetle

    I am the original owner of a 1973 Super Beetle with 54,654.0 original miles. The car was kept in a heated garage wile I was on active duty in the...

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    Started by USN

  • Preventative medicine

    I bought my 71 super beetle a year ago. within 3 months i paid more on repairs that I did on the car itself. Not that I am complaining, I love my...

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    Started by Vroom

  • Still dies at stop signs

    Working on single port 1600 with Solex 34 pict-1. It dies at a stop. I have replaced the electric solenoid on the side and checked for vacuum leaks....

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    Started by edlutzenberg

  • 12 Fuse Box Diagram

    Does anyone knows the order of a 12 fuses box super beetle, I mean, fuse # 1 Lights, Fuse #2... For what accesory is each fuse. Thanks.

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    Started by 76sb

  • Super and Standard Beetle Clutch

    Are the Super Beetle and Standard Beetle Clutch the same? Any replace parts will be ok for each model? Is there any difference between the Super...

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    Started by 76sb

  • Dual Carbs

    I have been having an ongoing discussion with my local VW guy about the pros and cons of dual carbs. I was wondering, what do you guys think? I...

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    Started by ELON1974

  • bumpers?

    hey guys, im getting some euro blade bumpers and the place im getting the from doesnt have it for the rear, can i use a front blade for the rear? im...

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    Started by hurley209

  • Keeping my engine cool

    I have a 1971 volkswagen super beetle and am trying to get it to were I want it. The previous owner had it running on pro pane, and it ran...

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    Started by primer71

  • Trouble Installing New Throttle Cable (1972 Super Beetle)

    Got a 72 Super Beetle. Having trouble installing new throttle cable. Old one has been removed. New cable is greased. Feeding from front to back in...

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    Started by Brye1987