• High ambient air temp

    I have a question re. Using the beetle in 55oC/132oF. Sounds to hot, is that true, is it harmfull, would another external oil cooler help, your...

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    Started by Noosh

  • 1964 Bug

    I just purchased this 1964 bug that I am going to restore but there isn’t a battery in the car and I wanted to know if anyone could tell me how...

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    Started by Hodgie

  • end float

    does anybody know how to set the end float on an 1974 autostick super beetle engine? thanks steve

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    Started by nevets

  • Gravel Guards Up Date

    Ok...here's the scoop. Yes, I posted here about the crappy gravel guards I ordered from this outfit in Japan. It took forever and a day for...

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    Started by Twiliger

  • 70's TV Show

    Help me out here for this has been "Bugging" me for years. TV show, back in the 70's during the Law enforcement rage era, you know the...

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    Started by Chugabug

  • Email Adress for this site and Wayne

    I have been trying to use the following to contact site and it comes up as an error every time. Superbeetles (at) icloud.com Any one know whats'...

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    Started by Twiliger

  • YS Bugs

    This Ebay seller (YS Bugs) is in Japan. I didn't know and it's been a pain getting my order. I ordered on October 21st. Hasn't arrived yet...

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    Started by Twiliger

  • The Blues

    The Blues is at my 86 year old VW Mechanic's house having a valve job and tune up. He has been working on her for since the late 70's. He...

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    Started by Twiliger

  • Engine Oil

    Hello, I just bought a 1971 Super Beetle that appears to have a 1973 engine from California (engine code AH439078 ). The engine may have about...

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    Started by Stan

  • Looking for a fun summer car

    I looked at this 72 super beetle convertible today and am wondering if the $3000 price tag is worth it. It has after market wheels and exhaust but...

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    Started by

  • User Name

    Any one know how to change your user name here?

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    Started by Twiliger



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    Started by bluturtle

  • Please Join our Forum

    I would to ask the visitors to join and help revive this forum. Each new member makes the forum that much stronger, and allows you to ask a...

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    Started by Wayne

  • Distributor issue

    Hello I building a vw trike. The motor is rebuilt and the number 1 points to like five o'clock. When it shows in the book 1 o'clock. The wires are...

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    Started by Grant

  • Spring 2016 Feature Needed

    Hello all, I am looking for a feature for Spring 2016. Please contact me at wayne@superbeetles.com if you would like your VW featured. All we need...

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    Started by Wayne

  • Fuel Injection

    I recently came into possession of a 76 beetle that had been sitting in my father-in-laws garage for over 20 years. Currently starting the engine...

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    Started by jpab47

  • Winter Feature Needed

    Hey all! I'm stuck for a winter feature and need your help. All I need is a few pics of your VW and its story. I haven't sent out this seasons...

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    Started by Wayne

  • Will standard gear box fit a 1303 ??

    Hi all, this is my first post so please go easy on me I am currently restoring a 1303 beetle for my No2 daughter, did a T1 beetle for No1...

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    Started by hindy69

  • Rick Higgins from Bug Me Video

    Rick Higgins from Bug Me Video has joined the forum to help out with any VW related questions you might have. Don't forget to check out his helpful...

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    Started by Wayne

  • VWs in film & television

    It seems that most movies have a Beetle or a Bus in it somewhere. How many movies can you name that have an air-cooled V-Dub in it? All Herbie movies...

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    Started by Wayne

  • Once More

    Check out this movie about a guy and his 1955 VW Beetle that he drove around the world three times http://www.discovery.ca/article.aspx?aid=57013

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    Started by Wayne

  • 1973 Super Beetle featured in Toronto Star

    Here's a link to a 1973 Super Beetle that was featured in the Toronto Star: http://www.wheels.ca/feature/eye-candy-1973-super-beetle/

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    Started by Wayne

  • What volt is my battery?

    Hello, I know literally nothing about anything related to electricity but my father bought me a electrical moped and the charger wont charge the...

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    Started by extragum

  • identifying my 1303s (GSR)

    İ am having a frustrating time trying to work out if i have a GSR or not--i cant get the pics to load on here but it is identical in everyway to the...

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    Started by de1amo

  • Motor

    Hi I am new her, and have a Super Beetle Convertible from 1972. The car was exported to USA in 1972, and imported to Denmark in 2010. Can someone...

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    Started by ibl8382