• Still Wanted Seatbelts 73Super

    Need front seat-belts for a 73Super believe Standard Beetle belts will also work, Retractable type will send photo if needed. Must be free of rust...

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    Started by ljohn

  • VW 1303 Vacum Hose (RED) wanted

    Hi. I have an European spec 1303 Karmann Beetle. I'm looking for the 3mm? hose which would have been fitted when new and which runs from the centre...

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  • Horn pad parts or Steering wheel 1973 Super

    I need the 4 springs and 4 plastic clips (the clips bolt onto the steering wheel) under the horn pad of a 1973 Superbeetle. One end of the spring...

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    Started by Toady

  • Bug/Beetle wanted

    I want to find a good ol beetle that I can restore, im in utah but willing to travel, i want something with an engine or tranny, will be willing...

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  • webber intake

    i'm looking for tall webber 34ict intake . for dual carbs. i have one , the other was cracked. any help thanks.

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    Started by bumblebee73

  • Need a superbug near TN

    I'm looking for a super-bug prefer a '74, but will take almost anything. Needs to be near Nashville (200-250m). Needs to have very little rust, and...

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    Started by vanquisher51

  • Need hard to find part for 1971 Supper Beetle

    Hi, I am a new bug owner. I am looking for what I think is called interior head liner vents. They are about 12" long and have 2 rectangle...

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  • Looking for center caps for wheels

    I have a set of Western Wheels aluminum mags. I am trying to find center caps for them. Here is a picture of the wheels.

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    Started by bluebug

  • Not seat bolt need WHOLE seat needed

    After looking at the car really good underneath both side floor pans need replacing found driver side seat welded to seat rail ( as I was told when I...

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    Started by ljohn

  • 74 sb front seats

    Looking for a pair of front seats for a 74 super beetle. I parted out a 72 super beetle but I wasnt thinking and the seats mount differently. I'm...

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    Started by ozzman104

  • which starter motor?

    hi, i am selling my poorly neighbor's 1973 beetle gt 1600, the starter motor just packed in when i went down to run her for a few minutes! could...

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  • Desperately Seeking Roller

    This is Daniel. As some know, my T 1302's body is kaput, mainly in the driver's side rockers, channels and pans. I'm no body man and I haven't the...

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    Started by NYer_in_MI

  • Need motor for 1972

    I am located in Transylvania County, NC and looking for a motor for my 1972 Super Beetle. It is a 1600. This is my dream car and my husband (who is a...

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  • Me again...Sapphire "Playtape" ever hear of one for a big dash?

    I am looking for an original dash radio for my big dash Fat Chick. She's a '73 super, and requires a rectangular faceplate versus the rounded...

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    Started by VeeWee73

  • '73 Fat Chick needs a dash clock...

    I am looking for the square dash clock that went into a few Supers and most of the later Super 'Verts. Am I drilling for platinum here? No one...

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  • Heater Control Boxes

    Hello everyone! I'm trying to find those heater control boxes and ducting that goes under the back seat of my 73 super beetle. I bought...

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    Started by

  • 74 super beetle FRONT BUMPER wanted

    Hello, I live near Grand Rapids Michigan. Looking for a front bumper to replace my rusty one. Thanks! Jon 616-822-0534

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    Started by skidoomaster

  • WTB: 73 Rear Fenders - one/pair

    i'm upgrading my '71 super to 73+ style clear/red/clear flat taillights (no-bumper-shock design) i have recently purchased an...

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    Started by veedubxlr8r

  • lookin for a 1971-1972 super beetle in wa!

    Hi, I'm looking for a 1971-1972 super beettle in decent shape.I live in washingtion state it must be a 4-spd...

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    Started by

  • Wanted to Buy 75 Super Beetle

    I am looking to buy a 75 Super Beetle La Grande Bug. I would like it to be an automatic stick shift but it does not have to be. I can convert it....

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  • 71 Superbeetle Wheels

    i'm up here in new jersey, all i've got right now is my stock steelies on my 73, but i will poke around for a set, gimmie a day or two.

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    Started by Ron

  • Looking for a carb

    Looking for a 34PICT-3 carb. Not any old one, a specific one for autosticks. You can tell them apart because they have an extra extra vac port...

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    Started by Cobey

  • VW Trends Oct 2002 NEEDED

    VW Friends, I am restoring a 72 Super and I am looking for the Oct 2002 VW Trends Mag. I will pay for it and shipping... Please...

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    Started by Bunkman

  • '73 SB Rear Seat

    Looking for the rear seat and associated hardware for my '73 SB. Does anyone know if other year seats will fit the '73? Any help would be...

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    Started by eodrabbit

  • WTB: Stock air cleaner for a 72 Super

    Really, all I *need* is the bottom half, but I'll take the whole thing. Can pay via PayPal or MO.

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    Started by Cobey