• 1974 Super - seat frames

    Hi! I am looking for front seat frames for my '74 Super. Any joy? Thanks, Len

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    Started by lnp00

  • Rims

    I am looking for a pair of wider rims for the back of my 73 super. I am looking for a stock looking wheel. i want to keep the skinnys on the front,...

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    Started by dburn

  • 74 sunbug


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    Started by bulldurham

  • Rear Trans Mount Carrier

    I'm looking for a Rear Trans Mount Carrier for a 74 Super. The only ones available on-line seem to be for up to 72. The one that I need is similar...

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    Started by Sleepwalker

  • tires

    wanting a set of four 135x15's! can anyone help out?

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    Started by spc73

  • Cheap dual carb setup needed

    I need a cheap dual carb setup for a dual port upright engine. Spent all my money on the engine and now I dont have enough for a good setup. I dont...

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    Started by jmlloar

  • wanted type1 Brake Pedal push rod

    i'm looking for a brake pedal pushrod for my sand rail, one out of a type 1 is what i need , please email me if you have one that your willing to...

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    Started by bumblebee73

  • wire cover

    Does anyone have or know where to get a wire cover for a 71 Super Beetle? I find the ones for the Beetle at Cip1, Mid-America, etc., but not the SB. ...

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    Started by desiree71SB

  • Psuedo 40 Ford/Willys fiberglass hood

    Anyone even remember these? Sort of like the "Rolls Royce" kits that were availible through all sorts of mail order back in the 70's, to...

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    Started by Chugabug

  • Parts WTB

    I am looking for: 71/72 hood, prefer sapphire blue but will paint the right hood 1 set of 8 spoke empi's. as long as I can mount a set of tires I...

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    Started by 71SuPeR

  • WTB, Beetle in Ontario Canada or Near by

    I'm looking for a German built Beetle or Super in rust free, mostly original condition. I'm not interested in full customs or expensive custom paint...

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    Started by

  • WTB 74 SB dash

    i'am looking for a 74 super beetle dash with no cracks or damage

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    Started by kris25

  • WTB a 1303s badge

    i'am looking for a 1303s badge in new or ok condition

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    Started by kris25

  • WTB SuperBeetle Tow Bar

    Looking for a superbeetle tow bar. I have a 78. Live in southeast Michigan. Let me know if you have one for sale thanks. Jason ...

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    Started by jashiggins

  • Wanted Monthly VW magazine

    Looking to subscribe to a monthly VW magazine wiith repair tips, features car of the month and other VW discussions also not the ones that are...

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    Started by ljohn

  • voltage regulator

    wtb voltage reg for 73 super. not the mechanical kind, the one that's just a small rectangular thing with plugs on it....

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    Started by 73bee

  • Beetle wanted in PA free or dirt cheap (less then $100)

    i know im fishin but i figured id try... Im lookin for any year beetle. i was a stripped rusted shell. no engine...no trans...no suspension....pans...

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    Started by freebird01

  • Pair of Front fenders, 73 super

    Port Huron, MI I am looking for a pair of front fenders (in good condition) for a 1973 super beetle. You would be paid through PayPal. Any...

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    Started by beetleseventy3

  • sunroof air deflector

    need the air deflector for the 73 super. some previous owner thought it was a good idea to remove it.. if anyone has one or a source to get one...

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    Started by cletus

  • 1974-1975 VW Super Beetle... wanted!

    Hi eveybody, I'm new here and love this forum already. Everyone seems to know exactlly what to do when it comes to fixing a bug. I'm looking...

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    Started by bugginmeout

  • WTB Full air conditioning for 71 Super

    Am looking for the correct air conditioner accessory for a 71 Super. The SB I am restoring did not have it, but thought it would be a nice addition....

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    Started by 70Ghia

  • AutoStick Parts

    I am starting a conversion from AutoStick to Manual and have a donor car, but the donor was missing some parts. I need the entire shift linkage from...

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    Started by

  • Metal Tube - Fuel Filler Door To Fuel Tank

    Howdy, I need the metal tube which is approx. 3"-4" in diameter that goes from the fuel filler door on the fender to the fuel tank. I have...

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    Started by Toady

  • Super beetle tow hitch wanted

    Where o where can I find a hitch for mu Super Beetle? I have a tent trailer that I want to hook up. Thanks.

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    Started by kappa7099

  • Wanted Bug In Washington State

    hey i live in Washington State and am looking for a bug. please reply back to me on some info on your bug and how much ur asking. if you could id...

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    Started by Wasted_Racing