• Finding the screw hole location for the roof grab handle.

    I am in the process of'restoring' my 74 super beetle. I have learned a great deal in the process. I recently put a new headliner in and like a...

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    Started by Jseiler

  • Dash board removal

    I need to take out my speedometer on my 74 SB and the Hanes book I bought said that it should push out. I got my hand behind it from under the dash...

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    Started by 74SB

  • Seats...

    Hey, Have any of you guys installed some kind of junkyard seats in, like from a modern honda, subura or even a Jetta or etc.? Was it fairly easy to...

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    Started by cletus

  • Leather interior for a super??

    Has anyone ever put leather interior in their bugs? Is this something that would have to be a custom deal or can you buy a kit? I did keep the seat...

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    Started by benandcarol

  • Seats

    I have found a 1974 SuperBeetle that has some pretty nice seats and was wondering if they have the same tracks as a 1972 Super Beetle, so I can just...

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    Started by organcory

  • Headliner Stains

    T he next big project. So, decades ago we had a spankin' brand new headliner installed in our 73 Super Beetle. Looked great for 10 years or...

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    Started by Twiliger

  • 4-Spoke Steering Wheel removal

    I have a new (old) 4-spoke wheel that is like to install on my 72 Convertible. I need to take off the horn cover to access the bolt area, but...

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    Started by djgoss

  • headliner installation instructions

    I purchased a headliner kit for my 72 Super Beetle from CIP about 8 months ago. It doesn't come with installation instructions and they list the...

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  • cleaning the interior to bare metal

    what is the best method to cleaning the interior to bare metal. i had a hard time cleaning my interior and not leaving it as i wanted. so i painted...

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    Started by nak45z

  • Standard VS Super Carpet Mat

    Will a Standard Carpet or Mat fit in a Super beetle?

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    Started by 76sb

  • 74 SB rearback rest.

    Ready to reinstall the rear seat after reupholstery but like an idiot did not take photos for the reassembly. I have 3 carpet pieces but none seem...

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    Started by NevadaVandal

  • Seat mechanism Assembly/Disassembly

    Hi All! Kevin here in Riverside, CA with a 1971 super beetle. I have question about my seats, and it's driving me a little crazy. I can't figure...

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    Started by voskw71

  • seat superbeetle convertible 76 vs beetle mexico 80

    Hi everybody! I have a question about front seat. There are differences between front seat of a SB convertible of 1976 and front seat of a mexico...

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    Started by alupovet

  • radio and other info

    I have a 1973 unmolested 100% original super beetle. someone put a fuzzy carpet dash cover on the cracking dash and I need to remove the radio from...

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    Started by papertiger00

  • 1979 SB Convertible wiring

    I am puzzled by a multiple wire connector located behind the rear seat on the passenger side. The wires come up from the side and extends a few...

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    Started by Barnbug

  • Steering wheel interchangablity

    Well I have to agree with Wayne on the later Steering wheels being kind of ugly...I much prefer the early style with chrome horn ring. I do believe...

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  • Ignition Cylinder Replacement 1978

    Any idea in how to remove the ignition key cylinder ones you have the cast housing out? There are not much info in later models, 1977-1979 only for...

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    Started by 76sb

  • Super Beetle Tailight BULBS

    Im having problems with the Bulbs in my Super Beetle Tailight. I cant find a diagram or drawing with the correct bulbs. Please if someone has the...

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    Started by 76sb

  • interchangable dash

    can someone tell me if a 73 superbeetle dash will fit in a 74 superbeetle???? i did notice some of the dash vents for the heater were in different...

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    Started by crmeek75

  • 72 super convert interior door handle?

    I have looked all over for a door handle with no luck. I would think someone makes them? Whats the deal? Heres a picture.

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    Started by wheezer

  • 71 Super Beetle Electrical Question

    A quick question as I work on rebuilding my 1971 Super Beetle: The previous owner disconnected a lot of wires and I'm trying to put them back...

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    Started by dknorr

  • '71 Dash Vents+ Other (kinda long-sorry)

    Hello all. I'm working on a comprehensive list of restoration items needed for my wife's '71 Super Beetle (our first VW). Whoever had it last tore...

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  • In dash CD player...what will fit?

    If my Sony XR-6700 15 year old AM/Fm Cassette player gives out. I will bite the bullet and get a new CD player with mp3 capabilties etc. I want...

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    Started by flash

  • Cracking dash/74 super

    When I put my 74 super on the road last year the dash was perfect. I have noticed that this year I have two cracks starting above the speedo. The...

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    Started by putz

  • dealing with the 73 seat hump

    I just bought a 1973 super beetle in amazing condition, except it only has a driver's seat. I want to put in racing seats, and I was wondering if...

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    Started by jimmy