• 1977 Beetle Convertible

    I am about 80% done with a full restoration of a 1977 SuperBeetle Convertible. I am trying to replace the windshield with new glass but I am...

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    Started by ccriseling

  • Water in air intake

    Hi, I have a ‘75 Super Beetle with a stock 1600cc, DP, EFI, Doghouse Oil Cooler Fan, engine, w/ standard 4-Louvered Deck Lid. i’ve recently...

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    Started by super75

  • Water in air intake

    Hi, I have a ‘75 Super Beetle with a stock 1600cc, DP, EFI, Doghouse Oil Cooler Fan, engine, w/ standard 4-Louvered Deck Lid. I’ve recently...

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    Started by super75

  • Rust Issues?

    Are you having rust issues with your Beetle or changing the floor pans? This forum is a good place to look for advice or to help another Bugger out!

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    Started by Wayne

  • New Baja/Marathon & Sports Bug Wheels

    Ref: http://blog.autotainment.com/2010/03/29/new-reproduction-vw-wheels--bajamarathon-and-sportlemmertz-wheels-available-in-three-months.aspx ...

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    Started by Sportbugger

  • Weak Head light r/h side

    On my 1973 Super I replaced both headlights for new ones, on high beam they both work fine, on low, the right side is very weak. Any explanation...

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    Started by SuperHerbie

  • Body Paint Stripping/Blast or liquid remover ?

    Anybody, OK on TV you see all the car restore shows doing a complete sandblast of the body of the car, I was talking to a Pro body-shop man...

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    Started by ljohn

  • Replacement Floor pans

    I have been trying to find an answer to this to no avail. Hope fully someone can answer with a quick yes/no. Can any 73 on floor pans be used on a...

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    Started by cfarrell2

  • led tail lights for a 71

    i would really like to swop out most of my lights with led's where possible, i have seen assemblies for later model beetles for the tail lights. and...

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    Started by das

  • super beetle bumpers

    I am looking for front and rear bumper assemblies(shock style) for a 1978 super beetle convertible. Please let me know what you have. thanks, don...

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    Started by deb1

  • 1978 Beetle Convertible - major rust, options ??

    Hi all. I am new to the forum, thanks for letting me join I just purchased a 1978 Beetle Convertible. Runs good, and - I used to be an...

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    Started by sammyraymango

  • '72 Spare Tire Well Install

    Hi, My son and I are working on his '72 SB. After stripping the body for paint, it became clear that the car had been in a front end collision at...

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    Started by birdnherd64

  • Any way to put in a 3 point rear seatbelt?

    Hi Folks, Does anyone know of a way to put in 3 point retractable seatbelts in the rear seat of a 71 superbeetle convertible? Any guidance would...

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    Started by eliszt

  • bad water leak

    I have a '74 Super Beetle and when I pour water into the vent on the hood in front of the windshield, it leaks into the interior of the car from both...

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    Started by mat

  • Changing the antenna - 1973 Superbeetle

    Can anyone let me know the best way to change the antenna over? The last one snapped so definitely needs to be replaced.. Any help welcomed!

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    Started by chlobebe

  • Hood Stuck! Help- problem now FIXED... Alison

    I just bought 1974 Super Beetle, I have no idea how to get the hood open, the knob is stuck!!! I really need to get to gas tank. Does...

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    Started by alisonlee525

  • Window Regulator

    Need to repair or replace a window regulator in my 73 Super,Ive got it all unbolted from the door,but i cant get it to drop out the bottom,Seems to...

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    Started by gdabbs

  • Any idea where I can purchase this from???

    Hi guys, This is my first post so I hope you can help me. I found this rear spoiler whilst looking around the internet and am having trouble...

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    Started by lateral

  • i need badly ?? for 1976

    i need the body bumper mounts for a 1976 beetle (that hold the bumper shocks to the body) def need the passenger side asap i have included a...

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    Started by supermanbidder

  • Rusted front frame head

    Hi all. I'd like some recommendations about replacement or repair of my rusted front frame head, and whether you would consider this unsafe or an...

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    Started by methylman

  • 73 tail light assembly

    One of the bulbs is broke i need to take the back fastened part of it off. The socket has come loose. Looks like four hex like screws holding it in...

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    Started by vwglennon

  • Alternator/regulator

    Hello there.. I have a 74 super, a few days ago my alternator light came up and I dont know how to troubleshoot it I think I is the external...

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    Started by Jay537

  • Side Door Mirror Nut

    Does any body Know a good way to put on a side mirror nut.It is very hard to reach up through the door to weld on this nut.

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    Started by gdabbs

  • What Is This Part

    Hello, in the picture, what is the sheet metal panel called with the green dot. I know the blue dot is the firewall panel, the picture with the rust...

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    Started by 71beetle

  • frame swap for a 72 standard beetle

    want to do a complete restore on my 72 standard beetle, question this vehicle has a lot of rust lol. Canada winters. can I use a frame from another...

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    Started by albertabeetle