We have a '75 Super Beetle that I am restoring. I am a complete novice at this and will have many questions as the project progresses.

Here's one...what is this sensor unit for? It's located on the rear engine casing, it's facing the flywheel. It was not plugged in when we pull the engine.

The VW part number on it is 113 919 101.

The 2 pictures are taken, with the engine on the bench,facing the alternator,standing on the right side of the engine.

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Fuel injected engine?

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Yes it is a fuel injected engine.

When I pulled the engine I found a mating plug hanging from the fire wall. I was wonder if it was some type of feed back for the fuel injection??

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Crankshaft position sensor. Originally wired via the diagnostic port on the fire wall if I'm reading the schematic correctly.

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