So I have a '72 standard beetle and I got into a little fender bender in early winter so I had to replace the front fender on the passenger side. Which was no big deal. But the problem is that roughly a week after I replaced it my turn signals on the front and back stopped working, only one tail light works and no brake lights work. I didn't mess with any wiring or anything when I repaired the fender, so I don't know what caused it, where to start looking, or how to fix it. Any advice helps thank you all.
- isaac
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First, check your fuse to see if it's blown, as far as brake lights check your brake switch located at your master cylinder, if you have a 2 wire switch use a paper clip to jump the plug in socket if your brake lights come on you have a bad switch, if you have a 3 wire switch, you jump the pins across from each other, the center is ground, now I had the same problem after our car went in the paint and body shop, the guy hooked up the wires wrong in the front left blinker, it kept blowing the fuse, it was one wire that was grounding out, good luck.

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I had the same issues and it was a ground problem. I ended up having to create a ground for the taillight that was giving me the problem. Good luck!
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A bad switch can cause this problem also.
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