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New to forums, chose this name since I am keeping the car a secret from my wife-its going to be a birthday present when finished. 

To the point.  Just bought a 72 super convertible, on which I am doing a body off restoration.  One question I have come up with after all my research is what type of device are folks using to maintain structural integrity when the body is taken off the chassis?  I dont want to depend on the doors alone, is there some framework that has been used with success to support the upper part of the car?  I plan on having the whole thing media blasted and want to make sure there is no distortion.  Thanks!

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As long as the heat channels are in good shape you should have no need to support the body to keep it from misalignment. If not some metal strap material tack welded across the door openings (something that you can grind off later) should hold things together to nicely until you finish your repairs.

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Secretbug: Welcome to the forum.  The work you are undertaking is very complicated with your vehicle being a convertible.  If you are not entirely sure of you skills in welding and in maintaining the structural integrity of your car you may want to turn the project over to professional.  MY72BUG is a 1972 convertible.  When the two body shops did the work on mine they used bracing in the door openings and comealongs and cables to tie everything together while they replaced the heater channels, reinforcement rails under the heater channels ( these are special to convertibles, they add the rigidity lost when you lose the shell of the roof ) and the floors.  The centre is actually arched up slightly so that when the car relaxes back into shape everything is square - doors close correctly and the whole unit can be aligned.  Difficult ? you bet.  That is why I turned the project over to the pros.  
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