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Another of My Sons who has beetles and type 2s..
He has a Ford V8 ute or pickup that has Gasoline and Propane...
He took the Gas tank out for a while and ran it only on propane...
Now he has both systems working again...
but runs the 351 Ford on propane most of the time
He also has installed a very large Radiator to keep it cool... [and its winter over here]
I'm not sure what He uses early in the Cold mornings 0C ..
to start the engine easily??
I know of people who start their vehicles on Gas
then switch to propane
and then switch to Gas before turning the engine off...
so its ready to start on Gas again next time...
I'm not sure why they do that...
You can buy New Ford 6 cyl vehicles over here that run on propane only...
[most taxis in cities have been Fords and have been running on propane for 20 years]
Now they won't have to get them modified..
Propane straight from the factory...
I wouldn't advise anyone to use propane in an air cooled VW.. because of the heat issue..
maybe in cooler climates..
where the air is always cool....

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