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Tried taking my '71 Super out of winter storage today (6 mos) and had to rev high to get up a steep ramp. I over-revved somewhat and I guess I blew something in the engine, causing a fuel leak-- multiple fast drips coming from the region of the left rear cylinder (I forget which number cylinder that is), puddle visible underneath. The leak gradually stopped a couple of minutes after the engine was shut off. It still runs and sounds OK. After about an hour, and after being towed to my local garage, I started it up just to pull it into the garage for shelter before closing time. Started up and sounded normal. I ran it for a few seconds only before shutting it off again.

A look under the engine lid didn't reveal any blown or popped-out fuel lines, so I initially thought I blew a gasket somewhere, seeing how the fuel was dripping off the cylinder. But the cylinder doesn't use a gasket when it is mated to the engine block. Any ideas as to what the problem is? Cracked cylinder? Hopefully nothing is wrong with the engine block itself. I'd like to hear a few opinions from you guys. I'm a novice with some familiarity, but I live in a townhouse and don't have the space or tools to fix engines, so I hire instead.

Attached an image of "Greta" for fun. Hopefully the problem isn't too serious.

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Just a thought, but have you checked the fuel line behind the fan shroud where it runs through the engine tin?

If the grommet is missing or worn it could be that the line has vibrated enough against the tin to wear a small hole in it.

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