Hi, all
I'm currently working on a '73 and tore down the transaxle to replace seals.
I removed the gears shafts & pinion gear.
I having a problem when re-installing the reverse shaft assembly as it doesn't turn freely, it turns but it's really tight.
I'm sure I reassembled it correctly, but no matter how it's put in it's still tight.
I looked at exploded views and seem to have it correct, but the number of parts don't add up.
parts I have numbered same as view:
5. reverse gear
6. shaft
7. spacer
? c-clip
8. bearing
9. C-clip
10. gear
11 washer ( not flat)
12. C-clip
Can anyone post a picture of the interior where the differential goes?
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Maybe this page can help... http://www.1800vw.bizhosting.com/0.tran_gears.htm
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