I have a 1973 unmolested 100% original super beetle. someone put a fuzzy carpet dash cover on the cracking dash and I need to remove the radio from the car to get access to wires and radio.

where is the rear screw holding the am radio in place. Is it in the bonnet behind the metal face, where the fan is. or is it crammed under the hood with the millions of wires in there.
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It's been a long time since I removed the radio from my 1975 Super Beetle but I think there is a screw that goes in from under the radio.

First I removed the knobs, then the faceplate, by taking off the nuts on the volume and tuner shafts. The radio would not come out so I looked under the dash and found a screw going upwards into the rear bottom of the radio. Hope my memory is correct on this...
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