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Back in 03/29/2010 Mike Yegar of Mid America Motorworks started a Blog on his website stating he will be releasing brand new reproduction VW Wheels for both the Baja/Marathon and Sports Bug, these Lemmertz style wheels would be available in thee months.

I've made several attempts to try and contact him about this venture over the years but haven't received any kind of follow up from him or Mid America.

I can only guess he's given up on the idea.

Perhaps with enough combined generated interest from the VW community he may revisit this idea.

I'm in the final stages of doing a complete Body off - Chassis restoration on a '73 Superbeetle Sports Bug and I'm not having much luck finding a suitable set of Factory Original Rims to compliment my project.

I suggest anyone interested to contact Mike Yegar and or Mid America as well, maybe with a strength in numbers we can make it happen.

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Do you have a picture of what the wheels look like? I have a set off my 1975 La Grande for sale.
Wayne Dean

Owner - http://www.allaircooled.com and http://www.superbeetles.com
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