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I know by now that you guys think my 72 must be a piece of junk with all these question but its not really. Its a tribute to what fine autos these really are. Even though its been kinda neglected and bashed about its still a very solid little car and its rust free! Well worth the effort to restore.
It needs a muffler. My friend Jay the VW mechanic swears by the Kymco unit that looks kinda like an old 'glass pack' with the two outlets comeing out the side. These fit in the stock body cut outs. He claims good performance and a nice tone. All good but I wonder how my heater/defroster will work without those extra little boxes on the stock muffler. The Kymco also has no provisions for the tube that goes to the air cleaner.
Is any one out there running a performance exhaust system with stock heater boxes? If so how do you like it? Do you have any way to compare it to the stock system?

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I have read that You can buy "full flow" large bore heater boxes in the US, For use with hot motors...
I don't really know what effect not having those small boxes on the exhaust manifold, will have on Your heater.
In Australia, they probably would be OK... but in colder climates... it MUST have some effect.. as that is the hottest part of the exhaust... Many Beetles in Australia with hot motors & free flow exhausts usually run j pipes and no heaters.. but it gets too cold where I am, & I like a bit of heat on My feet etc... and I see the heater for the air cleaner hole just left open, which is not a good idea. I believe the normal VW exhaust isn't too bad, the worst part being the two pea shooters.. the large bore flared tips are much better, but the Exhaust Extractor systems do a much better job, naturally, and probably add a few extra horses too..

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