I have a 1971 volkswagen super beetle and am trying to get it to were I want it. The previous owner had it running on pro pane, and it ran terrible (he was a butcher). I got it running back like normal with the parts that were already on the car. I want this car to be my everyday driver so it needs more power and to run cooler. For more power I am starting off with installing dual carbs,and using the Weber IDFs Dual carbs 40mm with Billet aluminum air cleaners. I will also be adding a new exhuast. My problem and the reason I am posting this is the cooling part. The previous owner installed an after market external oiler cooler (oil filter is external and mounts to a metal bracket, and the oil cooler looks like a cheap small radiator). It leaks where the oil filter meets the bracket it screws into and drips oil on the hot engine causing smoke (this happens within a 15 min drive and gets worste the longer and faster I go, which also limits how fast I go). The whole set up looks cheap and doesnt work properly so I want to replace it,and this is where my question comes in. I was wondering what would be best recomend, because I heard the original dog house works the best and cant be beat, but I also did some research and saw that empi makes remote oil cooling systems that cool's twice as much as any other unit. I was just wondering if anyone could lend some advise to what the best way is to keeping my engine cool so I can travel far and go fast with my super beetle. I would really apprciate your advise and thank you for taking the time for reading this.

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First off all I can say is that VW spent millions of dollars in design work making their car cool/warm as needed from the Antarctic to the Arctic and everywhere in between. Empi most likely spent just enough to pay for the ad to say that. Stock VW's were driven for many miles in places like Africa and South America, or Panama or Mexico besides Southern California so on a well maintained and sealed up motor and bay, engine heat as a problem is more of a myth than a reality. Fact is the original VW design is overkill for the stock motor, as long as the tin work is all there and seals in place it will accommodate most anything even up to super high performance engines also. Please see the site shown below
Check out the three on there...
About oil coolers
Don't blow your top
How to know if your engine is hot
Anything else you read from there is just a plus.
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Thank you for your advice, it was well taken. I have read the articles that you suggested (understoud most of it and will read it again and again to fully understand some terms and such). But I am totaly set on the stock cooling system (always heard and took in peoples advice and those articles just summed it all up). Now I just need to figure out where to get the one I need, and how to install it. But Im on the right path, so thank you.
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