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I bought one of these on eBay.

Thinking this was just exactly what I wanted. 

Here is one on Ebay

I do NOT recommend them at all for Beetle use.  As ryen 74 has stated,  you need to make sure the antenna port is on the passenger side.  This one's is on the driver's side.  PLUS - VR3 are notorious for being about 1 inch DEEPER than almost everyone else. 

But - I installed it anyway, since I don't listen to the radio that much in my bug.  If it were a daily driver - and I am on my way to making it that way - I might.  But heck,  I can do mp3 CDs, CDs, USB cards, and SDcards.  AND it has AUX input if I have a separate mp3 player,  so all the options are covered.  I have plenty of tunes to keep my ears busy while driving my Super around the Illinois countryside. 

I'd like to have a better looking install - more flush and straight,  but right now it is snug and fits nicely and performs the way it should.  A plastic cover or plate that covered the side slots would be nice.  But oh well. 


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if it's got an aux in jack, all you need is a stereo 1/8" (headphone size)cable  and your favorite player. I roll with my 60gb ipod and just plug in. Never worry about running out of tunes. I may go completely headless in the 66 because of that Less stuff to try and hide, and  I haven't played a CD in a car in 2 years.

Yeah, I can't remember the last time I listened to the radio or a CD. I roll with an iPod as well. I had thought about going headless and only getting processors, an external amp, and speakers, but I found that to be a more expensive route. I think I am just going to stay with head units that sport an Aux input.
72 Super Beetle
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68autobug wrote:
the Later 1303S Supers may have had the DIN sized hole from the factory..

Can anyone verify this?

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Here in Canada my 8 track and I are suddenly feeling like we are in a technological backwater.
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fatalifeaten wrote:
Is your dash cut? Super's may have a larger opening, but it's almost completely impossible to find a head unit that will fit my '66 dash unles I want to open it up with a sawzall (which I don't). Alternate mounting for me!

I had to make My hole slightly larger.. maybe 2mm each side and 4 mm wider
to fit - both on the top and sides...
the New cassette tape player AM/FM Radio I had bought 15 years ago fitted into a DIN cage which must be slightly larger than 68 beetle dash hole then the radio etc pushed into the cage..
I have now fitted a JVC CD player/ AM/FM Radio into the hole using another DIN cage...
I believe the hole in My dash would have been the same as the 65 etc..

an early type radio would still fit into the DIN sized hole...
as the front cover will fit over the sides of the hole...



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MY72BUG wrote:
Here in Canada my 8 track and I are suddenly feeling like we are in a technological backwater.


68autobug wrote:
I had to make My hole slightly larger.. maybe 2mm each side and 4 mm wider

I had to do the same thing with my '71 Super (1302).  In the US, we had a dashpad surround by 1971, and the stereo went nicely into the pad so the behind-the-scenes filing was neatly hidden.  You did a good job on your install; looks like it was meant to be there all along.

Anyone verify the 1303's requirement of whether it is DIN size already?
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1303 is DIN size.

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A stereo with an iPod input and/or usb port should be your ONLY choice! It's crazy to carry around CDs or tapes anymore - they're big, clumsy, fragile, don't hold much... If you want to use an iPod I really like the stereos that have an iPod "dock connector" cord (not just the little round universal input jack) so you can operate the iPod from the stereo controls and leave the iPod stashed in the glovebox or wherever. Less wires and clutter in the car. Bugs are small!
The decks with a usb port are great, memory sticks are tiny, cheap, and hold lots.
If you're a non-computer-literate person, memory sticks are easier to load up than burning a CD.

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