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Im working on a 1500 single port engine, and have rebuilt the carb (34Pict1) everything new in the ignition system. (points@.017,plugs@.028). I have static timed the engine to the 3rd mark to the right on the crank pulley. It has a "Monza " exhaust and a after market air cleaner. The engine runs really good with the exception of a slight miss at the higher RPM. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks in advance.-Ed

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Is your miss constant or intermittent... could be wiring or it could be a bad plug(had a new set of Bosch platinums that were bad) Also do you know if it is just one cylinder that is missing or does it vary between all four?

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You could try cleaning the inside of the distributor cap with WD40 or similar and the rotor .. points aren't pitted, which would mean a faulty condensor..
 condensors were originally replaced with cap and rotor every 10,000 miles in the old days.
check the engine bay at night to see if any cross firing of the spark plug leads....

it usually is a break down of the condensor or points.. at speed...

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