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I'm asking a favor of all you fellow SuperBeetle members. My grand-daughter is featured in a very cute video my step-son made for a video contest about riding the subway in Atlanta. They won the Atlanta competition and are now competing with the winners from L.A., Miami, and Minneapolis. 

The winner is the video with the most "Likes" on YouTube, and they are currently in 2nd place, behind by about 30 Likes. So please watch their video and click the Thumbs Up "Like" button on YouTube to help them win the contest. 

When you click the Like button, it will ask you to sign in or sign up to create a new account. If you have a Gmail account or a YouTube account you can use that login info, or you can create a new YouTube account for your vote to count. Here is the video: 

Thanks for your help! 

Have A Great Day, Bob

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You got my vote, good luck!
Wayne Dean

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