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I was just wondering what other people are getting for mileage on their cars now that gas is at the prices that it is. I have been working to improve the mileage on mine ever sense my wife bought her Hyundai Accent (38 to 40 MPG) in 05. When I was commuting to work (74 miles one way) the best I could get if I kept my foot out of it was 30 MPG, but if I got in to it there wasn't a Honda that could keep up. AT the time I was running a 1904cc engine (74x90.5) Berg hyd cam and lifters( don't remember the grind but it will barely idle at 1000) with ported and polished heads and stock size valves and 44 webers also a 009 dizzie with a Allison elect ignition. About a year ago I switched back to the stock 34 Pict-3 carb and then re-jected it to get the thing richend up to keep from burning the engine down. I bumped to timing up to 30' at full advance and was able to get it up to 34 MPG at 65 mph. Not to bad for a 42 year old car eh. Then I found this web site that had a story on water Injection
 While I don't always believe every thing I read on the web I thought I would at least give it a try. Well here are the results, starting mileage (94274) "no tenths" ending mileage (94543) fuel used 7.951 that works out to 35.08 MPG! and while I don't have a oil temp gauge the dip stick is just warm to the touch not hot and I can run all the way down to 30 mph in 4th gear with no pinging. Not to bad for a 6 dollar add on.
Anyway just thought I would share

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