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VW Whiz Kid
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How about avgas?

104 octane, though it's a little drier than normal gas.

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We used 110 lo-lead avgas in our race car and I have used it in the Ghia from time to time but it's not cheap. Why I was thinking about E85 was because it was about 50 cents cheaper than normal 87 octane and with a octane rating of 91 and above it just sounded... well to good to be true.
There are a lot of GM flex-fuel vehicles showing up up here lately but none of the fuel companies are considering carrying it yet so my only way to find out if it would work was to make my own,(too expensive for the amount I would use) or ask. Anyway it sounds like it might not be the thing for an aircooled VW, too bad.

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I still have a local gas station selling non ethanol 91 fuel...
They need to have the pumps overhauled or replaced for ethanol , and because of the widespread floods in Australia over the past 6 months, these aren't enough crops to make ethanol from, so We have another 12 months before ethanol is in all 91 gasoline ...
I'm also wondering whether all these small local owned gas stations will disappear once they need to have new pumps for ethanol...                             [85 ethanol is 85% ethanol]

I cannot use any ethanol in My Beetle... it just loses so much power.
My Son has two Suzuki 250 motor cycles that He runs on the salt flats in South Australia once a year.
He has found out that He can replace the 130 RON Gasoline at $30 a liter... !!  with 50% ethanol - 50% 98 Ron Gasoline and approx 100mls of acetone [not 100% sure of acetone] but it comes to memory...  anyway His Bikes give out the same HP ratings when using this combination as with the 130RON Gas..

cheers from Australia


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