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it has happened again.. but not hot enough for the oil light to come on [accessory light attached to dipstick oil temp switch]
but by the time I had driven the 
30 klms to  home on the highway, I could see by the temperature gauge, that the temperature was very close to 110C degree and it wasn't a hot sunny summers day.   As soon as I opened the engine lid I saw the problem...  one of the heater hoses had come off the fan shroud, allowing cooling air to escape..

Now for about 8 years I have always used hose clamps on those hoses, but I had noticed that many people didn't use hose clamps on them, as there is very little pressure in them...  so, last time I had all the tinware off, I decided not to use hose clamps... lol
well... Now thay are back on... lol

Lee in Australia

notice the hose clamp on the heater hose

and now no hose clamps

- helping keep air cooled Volkswagens alive in Australia and around the world --
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