I have a 73 super beetle that I need some advice on.

The car had been sitting in storage for a couple of years after the clutch went out. I should have done a better job going to start the car and keep it fresh, but anyway sometimes it sat for several months without being run. Finally, I went to get the clutch replaced and it wouldn't start at all.

I've since gotten it running but I am still having a lot of trouble. I replaced the fuel filter first (which was extremely dirty), but it still wouldn't run. This car had the filter placed between the fuel pump and the carburetor. I went ahead and put a new fuel pump in as well but still wasn't getting anything to happen.

Next we checked the spark and it was pretty weak. The coil was getting pretty hot during these tests and also looked really bad. We replaced the coil and condensor and the spark looks good now. But the car still wouldn't run.

We verified that fuel is getting past the filter, and we were able to get it to run by dumping fuel into the carburetor by hand. Finally, I noticed the float valve (I think that's the name) was a little stuck. After a slight tap fuel came pouring into the carb and the car ran nice after that, and idled very good.

The next day I came to start it again and it fired but I couldn't get the idle to stabilize. My hunch is that the floater keeps getting stuck, but I haven't opened it up again to look yet.

What do you all think? My gut tells me to replace the rest of the fuel system (all fuel lines and the gas tank). What about the parts in the carb? Can I just take it apart and clean everything? Do you have any better suggestions or solutions?

Thanks for the help. This car is a lot of fun to work on (though I hope to drive it someday!) [smile]
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