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So I have a freshly rebuilt 1600 vw air cooled engine and it won't idle. I have done a lot of work on the engine. For example, it has a new crank, all new gears, new case, new cam followers, new heads, new post one and cylynders, new distributor, new carburetor, etc. Did a leak down test and it has virtually no leak. Did I fuel pressure test and it was well within specs. I ran the engine for a 20 min and cylinders 1 and 3 ran a lot cooler than the rest (I checked the temp at the exhaust and 1 and 3 were about 100°F less than 2 and 4). I checked the spark and they all looked good. At this point I'm pretty stumped. I have done a lot of tests so if anyone has any idea about what it could be I am open to anything.
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