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Hi all
Have had to repost this as my previous message has disappeared into cyber space

I wanted some feedback on the autochoke system - In John Muir's book he firmly declares his loathing of the autochoke system for many reasons including engine wear.

Has anyone taken his advice (see my previous posting regarding idling erratically - which i have still to sort - i have been busy undersealing, new carpets etc and now to cap it all I have just gone and broken my toe - so no cruising for a week or two)
Is it worth disabling the autochoke? or should i leave well enough alone? - My bug is a 67 6 volt 1200cc.
All comments gratefully received

VW Guru
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Hi John,
Yes I can remembering answering your post about the autochoke.. it must have been just before the Forum moved..
A few things the late John Muir said in His Idiot book can be ignored.. He wrote books, and it looks like whoever informed him wasn't correct on some things either.

The auto choke is simple to adjust, just loosen the 3 screws and turn it one way or the other, while looking down the throat of the carb. You will see the choke flap move, when the flap is closed - the choke is on.. etc..
I can remember adjusting Mine from time to time.. especially in winter. With a VW engine, You should drive off as soon as You start the engine, and NOT let it idle at high revs... So the choke only really helps start the engine, and keeps it going if You happen to stop while the engine is still cold... You are going to use much more fuel if You don't have a choke.. My Son doesn't have one on His Beetle, & he has to keep revving the engine up , to keep it going... Much much worse than having an autochoke..

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