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Hi guys,

This is my first post so I hope you can help me.

I found this rear spoiler whilst looking around the internet and am having trouble locating where to purchase it from...does anybody have any ideas?

Thanks a lot


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I don't know but that is "Super" cool!

Wayne Dean

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I don't know of any company that actually made similar spoilers
although this one looks like it may be a genuine Porsche product??
and fits into the beetle engine lid and actually opens and shuts using electric motors [just like a real Porsche 911]
maybe that type was made and sold in Germany..??

most are made from a steel engine lid with the spoiler attached and all covered in fiberglass ,they didn't open and close like that one..
although I believe some were made entirely from fiberglass by people who work with fiberglass.
so, there are many styles about, but most look like Porsche spoilers.
some have holes in the top, and some have a porsche grill on them.
I believe many were made in Australia and had no holes in the top section but once holes, vents are cut into the spoiler, it allows the engine to cool down better..
they stayed up all the time...

Lee in Australia

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