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I own a 73 Super Beetle Convert and have an issue with my windshield wiper motor. The motor died so I had it rebuilt. My problem is that it came back with a Red, Green, Black and 2 Brown wires. The wiring on the car has a Green, Brown, Black, Black/Yellow, and 2 Black/Gray wires. I can not determine how to rewire this motor so that I have fast/slow/off. Can anyone offer any advice other than "get your test light and figure it out". I can wire it to operate on Slow or Fast but not controled by the switch and I can wire it where it will run all of the time except when the ignition switch is turned off. Thanks for all your advice.

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Since the wiring has been changed from the original configuration there is no way to tell. It's going to have to be trial and error.
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