My brake pedal was spongy and my 72 super wasn't stopping. I changed the front and rear wheel cylinders and the master cylinder, checked all the lines and bled the entire system. My shoes and hardware are all new. The pedal is still spongy. Could anyone tell me where I went wrong because the pedal still feels soft and I don't have the pressure I should have.
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With all new cylinders (assuming your master cylinder is correct and shoes all get adjusted up properly - if not causes excessive pedal travel), you either have air still in the system (first fill of master cylinder can take a lot of bleeding!) or one or more of your flexi hoses is shot.

I would try and bleed it out with some vigorous pedal pumping, on one front wheel until you start to get some more air out followed by a full 4 wheel bleed. If not then look at your flexi pipes (not immediately obvious as they can degrade internally).


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