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I recently purchased a '72 Super Beetle.  There are several body features that definitively identify it as a '72, but as I'm trying to fix it up to pass inspection and improve performance a bit I keep finding items that aren't supposed to have been there until '73.  Side running lamb bulb size, alternator instead of a generator, etc...

A friend told me that mid-year in 1972 they started using some of the parts that were for the upcoming new model.  Is this true, or am I just finding that this was somebody's work in progress and isn't necessarily matching parts.

I didn't buy it under any assumptions it was number matching or anything, so I didn't get "cheated"... I just want to be sure that I'm buying proper parts going forward.

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You have a 45 year old car, there is no doubt that someone up graded the parts as they failed over the years, my 1974 Super Beetle came with a 1600 dual port with a 3 wire alternator, I replaced it with AL82N, when the voltage regulator blew, I replaced it with an IB359, when I got tired of playing with points I went to a new 009 distributor and electronic ignition and depending where you live there are VW shows, where you can look to see what others have done to their cars and get parts


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What did the ownership say? Did you check the chassis number to confirm the year? Either wat as Bob says these VWs have a history of being pieced together which makes them unique...enjoy!
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