A quick question as I work on rebuilding my 1971 Super Beetle:

The previous owner disconnected a lot of wires and I'm trying to put them back together.

The Dual Circuit Brake System Warning Light (the small "B" button on the dash next to the Fresh Air Fan switch) doesn't work and none of the 3 wires are connected.

Where do they go?

All of the documentation I can get my hands on looks like one to the brake light switch; one to the wiper switch; and one to who-knows-where.

Any ideas???


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Looks like it should go to the emergency flasher relay... check this site out:
Red wire - stop light switch
Black wire - wiper switch
Brown wire - emergency flasher relay
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Sorry I cannot help with that one as the wiring diagrams and switches are different to beetles in Australia..

WE do not have the brake lamp or 3 prong switches..


Lee in Australia

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