Hello all.  I'm working on a comprehensive list of restoration items needed for my wife's '71 Super Beetle (our first VW).  Whoever had it last tore out the fresh air system and whatever else was there to install a CD player.  There's no manual and the only reference I have is Muir's book (not really any interior info).  I found a photo of a similar layout (later model) in the general Super Beetle forum.  I'm confused about all the vents.  I have three in the top of the dash and two in the front of the dash (the photo lists only two vents in top).  I'm assuming that all three top ones are defrost and the two in the front are fresh air; is this correct (in looking for replacement vents, vendors only list a center defrost vent-are the right and left interchangeable with the center)?  The right vent has some sort of a lever in it.  What is it for?  How do you turn on the front defrost?  It is also equipped with a rear defrost system (non-functioning, I believe-don't know how to turn it on either).  Which actually leads me to another question.  The rear vent openings (4 ovals on each side) are covered by some kind of a shell (which now crumble when I mess with them).  If one were to buy a new headliner (gonna do that anyway) do they include the shell covers?  Or will I have to hit salvage yards?  Is it difficult to restore fresh air systems (availability, etc)?  What about windshield washers?  Any help, advice, is greatly appreciated.  I think a restoration manual is in the near future---P

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 Hello, and welcome to the world of VW restoration. the dash vents you are refering to are to the best of my knowledge 3 defrost vents across the top two fresh air vents on the face of the dash. the defrost vents get warm air by closing the floor vents off 1 on the driverside and 1 on the passenger side with the heat lever turned on the lever in the top vents driver and passenger side controls a deflector that allows air to go to the widshield or front of the dash there is duct work behind the dash that connects a 2 speed fresh air blower to the outside vents there is a one piece duct for the center defrost vent. as far as the rear defrost the air deflector is no longer available to turn the electric defroster there is a switch located under the dash on the right side of the steering wheel. I hope this some help I learn more new things about my 71 super every time I work on it.


   sorry I failed to tell about part availability most of tyhe parts are avilable I think I have seen them in the mid america catalog  all three top vents and both front vents. the two ducts for the driver and passenger vents is available but I dont think the center duct is. The Samba is a good resource for many hard to find parts. the 2 speed blower is going to be a salvage yard part for sure. again I hope thia helps some

'71 super now collecting parts for restoration
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This may help you. I'm restoring a 72 SB for my wife and someone on another Forum gave me these.......







81 Vanagon Country Homes Camper
[url=http://www.metrovwclub.net/frank__sarah_p1.htm]72 Super (resto-ing for my wife)[/url]
52 MGTD Replica ROXIE (on 71 STD pan with autostick)
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Thanks for the info.  I've been looking around and I believe I'll be able to scrounge up the parts.  Will take some diligence though.  I still can't find the rear defrost switch.  I've looked and prodded but can't locate where it would be (I did burn myself on the fuses though).  Anyone got links to a photo?  I'll be back for sure.  My wife is kinda ho-hum about the restoration (esp. with our first baby on the way) but I think she'll come around.  Thanks again.  71SB

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In my 71 Super Beetle the rear window defogger swith was under the dash to the left of the steering column.  It was a toggle switch and just had an on position and an off position.
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