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VW High Roller
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what are the possible causes of #4 not firing? the wires are good. maybe a bad plug? pulled head stud? any ideas?

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By not firing I assume that you mean that it's not getting any spark. If you've checked the wires and can actually see the spark at the end of the wire (by arching it to a ground), I'd pull the plugs and see if that one is fouled or not gapped properly. I'm running NGK plugs in my Beetle and they've been great. Bosch were fine too, but the Bosch Platinums fouled in one minute. If the plugs are fine check the compression and make sure your problem isn't more then just a misfiring plug.

PS. I put the Pertronix ignition system in mine (wires, coil and module) and now the car plugs strong through all the gears with no hesitation or plug fouling at all.

Wayne Dean

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Hi MikeyD,
Yes, as Wayne said, check to see that the spark is getting thru to the spark plug. One way to check this is to take the spark plug out, plug the connector back onto the plug, hold the plug onto a metal ground with some pliers, get someone to turn over the engine, while You look to see if there is any spark at the end of the plug.. If there is spark at the end of the wire,but not at the plug, the connector may be burnt out, [if You are using the VW connectors ](I always do) also check to see if the spark You see ,is the same from another plug...that is, not weaker!! You may not get any spark at the plug if the plug is fouled with some carbon etc.. try a new plug...
Lee Noonan

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