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  I have a 34 pict-3 and a distributor that has no vacuum line on a 1974 super beetle. The problem is that It does not idle and accelerate right. I cleaned out the carburetor and check the timing and points.

On the carburetor I fixed the throttle shaft by put new bushing in it.

 P.S. This it my first car and need a little help!

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See the post in this forum titled "34 pict3 with 009 dist" as it explains a lot. One thing about this carb is, if you didn't follow the Official Bentley VW manual instructions on tuning this carb then it will NEVER run right. As for the dizzy, set it to a max of 30 to 32 degrees at around 2500RPM with a timing light and don't use static timing other than for initial start up. You want the mechanical advance to be in the full advance position at a max of 30 to 32 degrees and the only way is to do this is by running the engine up and checking with a timing light.
 As you can tell from the afore mentioned post setting up a 009 to run with a 34 pict3 carb is not the easiest thing but it can be done, but don't rule out the SVDA dizzy because it does work well and there ARE a lot of people that claim it is a better way to go.

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Welcome to Superbeetles.. the 1974 beetles would have had a vacuum on the distributor originally. You no doubt have a 009 distributor.. the last three numbers of the part number are 009.
I ran one in My beetle for a number of years and thought it was OK. Then I bought an SVDA from and it has made the world of difference... its like driving a different car..
the take off is so smooth... no flat spots etc.. it also doesn't use lots of gasoline which it did before...
 I also have a Pertronix electronic ignition in it so I no longer need to adjust and renew the points.  These SVDAs from are highly recommended by many people..
Me included.


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