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Hi Everyone

I have been restoring a 1973 Super Beetle for way too many years now. Long story short, the car is basically completed... except for the dreaded dashboard. I put it off as long as I could, but I am finally attempting to put it together and it is going poorly!

I hate VW wiring. Just a pile of spaghetti. 

Anyway, I am looking to this community for some help. Mainly images and advice for the best order of operations for connecting and routing the wires so that dash can be put in place without resistance. 

I have the BugMe Video #9 for the wires... but some things are left out and Rick really only shows you how to take the dash apart. Putting it together is a completely different story... especially since the wires are a complete mess.

I installed a new harness from the back of the car up to the fuse panel, and I re-used the original harness for the front of the car. All the lights have been tested and are working, but everything that used to be in a wrapped harness behind the dash is now flying solo. The material that VW used to wrap the wires disintegrated and I am left with a mess.

Here is what I could use right away.

1. A great image of the fuse block so I can see where all the main wires go. 
2. An image of the two main harness connectors showing the placement of the wires inside the plastic connector block. 
3. A picture behind the dash after being freshly removed or ready to install so I can see where the harnesses are attached and routed. 

This would be a huge help to me and anyone else working on a breaded 1973 and up Super. 

Any help is greatly appreciated. I am at the of my rope on this project and I need this car back up and running ASAP.


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I found the most overlooked item was the ground wires, on my 74 Super the is a ground block between the radio and dash gauge, all the brown wires go to it, in my case the lighter doesn't work, power going to it but no ground to complete the circuit, seems you cant have enough grounds on the car, they are either bad or missing, for the wiring I suggest you get the orange VW service manual, the wiring schematics are in the back.


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Here's a link to a dash wiring harness from JBugs

Hope this helps!

Wayne Dean

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