• will they interchange

    i have a 72 super beetle, the valve came unkeyed and dropped in the piston and blew a hole about fist size in the top of the piston im rebuilding the...

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    Started by egg_man08

  • Dual Carbs...

    Hi Everyone, This is my first post so please steer me in the right direction. I just bought a 72 VW Super Beetle on Friday. It has a brand...

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    Started by tspanke

  • a brakes cuestion!!!!!

    hello guys , this is may be a silly question. but this forum has been really really helpfull to me. so the question is: im thinking about four wheel...

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    Started by volky00

  • Convert from lug studs to nuts???

    I would really like to change my lug studs of to just studs with lug nuts I know its been done i just cant find anything about it. I plan to use my...

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    Started by dizi

  • 2213 gene berg engine

    I have a 2213 gene berg engine that has about 10,000 miles on it. When I bought it new, it cost just about 8000 dollars. How much you think I could...

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    Started by sector51

  • Camshaft Upgrade for 1300cc '73 SB

    I was wondering if anyone would know if a camshaft upgrade would work on a 1300cc motor. I'm looking at the Scat- Hot Street, Excellent Low End Mid...

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    Started by A_lien007

  • 76 super beetle - fuel injection - help

    I have a 1976 VW Super Beetle running stock fuel injection engine. I have an oil leak coming from a hose that is located between/underneath the...

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    Started by amcordova

  • Fuel pressure question. Need Help

    Hi Guys, my friend converted his beetle to dual carb and also changed the fuel pump ton an electric unit (dunno the pressure, maybe 9) then i was...

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    Started by volky00

  • alternator upgrade kit

    .Ok. Going to attemp this the question is does the engine have to come out or can itr be sone with it in???

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    Started by 72SuperBug

  • cable sheath stuck in tunnel

    The throttle cable broke on my 1975 Superbeetle and now the plastic cable sheath is stuck in the metal tube running inside the tunnel. Anyone have...

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    Started by zixxerboy

  • which brake kit?

    I know this has been talked about before, but I can't find anything with the search. I've already decided to run disc brakes on the front of my...

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    Started by BugMan

  • coverting carb to fuel injection

    I previously posted this in the wrong forum, Is its possible to convert a bone stock 74 super from carb to later fuel injection? What is involved?...

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    Started by cphipps79

  • A half working engine [Literally]

    I have been adding new pieces to my engine for some time now yet I can never get it to idle. Yet the anomaly is that the left side of the engine and...

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    Started by NaStYPyRo

  • Beetle/Porsche interchangable parts

    Does anyone know of a list of parts that are interchangable between the '79 Super Beetle and any of the Porsches? I know the type IV engines can be...

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    Started by docjon

  • Engine backfire and loss of power

    I had my 79 S/B Vert for a "wee scoot" on Sunday. I had the oil changed and carburetor adjustment done by my mechanic in May after coming...

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    Started by buttonbox42

  • Type 1 engine to a bus trans.....in a 74 super b.

    Is this combination possible and what kind of mods are required to make tis work... Or is it just easier to get a bus engine and trans and put in a...

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    Started by johnbigdog

  • A trans Question.

    Hi everybody, i'm interested on built a tranny, for some street racing litle drags, some dougnuts. Got a few questions: 1- Have anyone tied with a...

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    Started by volky00

  • Oil pressure question:

    My pressure gauge reads over 10 PSI when I start it in the morning, but like a half an hour later the readings in the pressure gauge start decrease...

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    Started by volky00

  • baffle material

    I was going to put my baffle back in my stinger today, but the fiberglass that wraps around the metal center piece is all broken up. I really hate to...

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    Started by staticattic

  • Vacuum line question

    I just reinstalled the engine in my '71 SB after being out for about 2 years. I drew a route diagram of my vacuum lines but have since misplaced it....

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    Started by cbrush

  • Quick trans question...

    74 super 1600 I am going to build my own trans axial and was wondering if their are any pointers or thing that people know of that is worth my while...

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    Started by johnbigdog

  • A p and c question:

    A p and c question: I have a question about a wich brand do you prefer on 94mm p and c between AA pistons Mahle Pistons jaycee pistons I'll ...

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    Started by volky00

  • Progressive Jetting Help

    I recently replaced the cylinders and pistons, and had the heads cleaned up in my T1 1600 dual port, and decided that while I was at it to add...

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    Started by Slamd72btl

  • Ignition? Plugs?

    My car had been running great until this past weekend. It started popping, skipping, hesitating, and running rough for the last week. Dinking around...

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    Started by staticattic

  • 74 Super B Hasn't Ran in a year and half

    Hello Everyone. My wife just purchased a 74 Super Beetle. I get to play the pay of the Deutsche mechanican. I have never worked on a Beetle...

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    Started by Dneiper