• YIKES..600km trip and no oil dripping from engine..

    Well You wouldn't believe it after travelling 600 kilometers on Sunday to a VW show and back... No oil is dripping from My beetle... so, what...

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    Started by 68autobug

  • replaced volt regulator and generator

    I have replaced both the voltage regulator and the generator but the battery still does not charge. I can charge the battery and drive it for a few...

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    Started by jubil22

  • Why don't VW owners like the VW jack??

    Hi I have been using VW jacks since about 1962 on My fathers beetle... I have been using them ever since in VWs... I've never had any...

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    Started by 68autobug

  • back wheels bouncing

    g,day would anyone know why my back wheels bounce instead of spin when itry to do awheelie it starts to spin then it seems to bounce thanks

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    Started by soc

  • Beetle 1303 Wont Start.......Help!

    Hi, hope someone can help me!! I have a 1973 Beetle 1303 which I have just removed the engine from for some work on the rear. The engine started and...

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    Started by Chris1982

  • 1970 tail lights

    Hello All: I have a question regarding the proper tail lights for my wife's 70 bug. The ones on it have the side reflectors but if I am not mistaken...

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    Started by Ditchman

  • ignition acc.

    HELP! Does anybody know if the acc. lead coming from the back of the ignition switch on a 69 beatle should be hot when the key is in the run...

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    Started by gradechecker

  • 64 beetle front suspension

    noticed that the r\f was siting lower than the l\f by roughly 1.5 inches....disconnected the shocks and checked for bounce and it did return...

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    Started by wrench971

  • 70 standard dimmer switch

    I purchased a 1970 standard bug for my wife last fall have been spending most of my free time ( money) fixing her up. On my 74 super the dimmer...

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    Started by Ditchman

  • car / fender / bumper combo

    What sort of fabrication should one anticipate if the desired combo was: - 1977 Standard Beetle, - 1968-73 front bumper, and - 1955-57 front...

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    Started by blur

  • Need engine help????

    I can't tell what kind of motor, it was not in my bug. number found under generator bracket AES520018 I have pics on a piczo account...

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    Started by brandijan

  • Clutch arm problem

    i have a 1970 VW beetle and the clutch blew out. i got a clutch kit from napa and the pressure plate has a metal ring around the fingers of the...

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    Started by joemomma69

  • The rubber

    Hey there, I'm a nube and I am replacing most of the stripping my self and I'm stuck at the vent window, the bottom i can see is bolted with a slip...

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    Started by my_fly_65

  • door window

    ok this may be happining alot me askin for help (please have patients) : im tryin to take the window guide and track out of the door and im havin...

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    Started by my_fly_65

  • floor pans/frame

    Being a new guy to this Beetle form, I have a question for you guys. I have a 72 Beetle, the floor is rusted out can I use another frame from another...

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    Started by albertabeetle

  • advice for an electric makeover (nube)

    i am the new owner of a 65 sedan and the wiring is from the same year (6v) but has a newer 1600 engine (12v) and the time has come to replace the...

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    Started by my_fly_65

  • No Oil Leaks after 600 kms trip.... its a miracle...

    I drove My beetle nearly 600kms on Sunday to a VW Show over a narrow winding road with steep hills and very slow corners... My beetle went...

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    Started by 68autobug

  • carb problem

    I just got my 67 out of winter storage. It started ran fine until I stopped at a friends house. When I left it was running terrible. I discovered...

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    Started by EerieBug

  • 34 pict-3 SVDA

    I have a 70 Beetle with a H30/31 carb. After buying a SVDA dist. I found out that it doesn't match up together. (I didn't buy it at aircooled.net)...

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    Started by Rockford

  • Help with an engine swap, PLEASE.

    Has anyone done or know of having put a,I believe it is a type II 2000cc,bus engine (76' fuel injected version)in a beetle,ours is a '68 beetle.I'am...

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    Started by AZcarnut

  • Newb needs help with front suspension

    Hey there y'all from texas. haha. well i've got a 71 beetle and i need to strip off everything i can to put on my dune buggy. problem is i'm not sure...

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    Started by longhorn717

  • 1996 BEETLE + DONOR

    Hi, I'm considering buying a 1996 Mexi Beetle and in order to register it, I understand I can use a "donor" Beetle. Please, does anyone...

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    Started by fusca75

  • using NEW LED BRIGHT lamps in Your car

    Some one was talking about using the new LED bulbs made for car tail lamps...etc the ones I tested weren't very bright in daylight ...

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    Started by 68autobug

  • Chance to buy 61 beetle

    I looked at a 61 beetle over the weekend. New paint,glass,motor,interior in excellent shape. test drove good. all around in good shape. The guy was...

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    Started by jhaeg

  • 15 mpg???

    Guys, I'm getting 15 mpg and thats after changing plugs (which had alot of burn to them), points, dizzy cap, rotor, etc. I have a pict-3 carb...

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    Started by Rockford