• Steering wheel question

    I recently purchased a steering wheel for my bug. Looks like any normal VW wheel. Has notch for horn bar 3/4 way out from center. Seems to be only...

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    Started by jmlloar

  • hood latch cable

    I have installed new glove box, lever, and cable. I found the straw in a salvage yard but it was cracked near one end. There is no way at secure the...

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  • how can I test fresh air fan

    help, I recently bought a 1975 SB Conv. none of the switches work , is there a way to test fresh air fan, don't want to replace if I don't have...

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    Started by vzgirl

  • Correct ashtray for a 72 Super Vert

    I have a '72 Super ('vert) with black interior. I need a rear ashtray. I have one installed on the other side of the cabin; it is chrome and white...

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    Started by methylman

  • Heater control cables

    I generally think that I know how to tackle this job, but would like someone else's input. I need to replace both heater cable in my 71 Super and...

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  • Cabriolet convertible top and headliner repair

    Does anyone know of a person or business I may take my 1979 Cabrio to for refurbishment of the convertible top? I purchased the cover and liner a...

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  • 72 super fresh air parts

    I have a 72 Super and I am trying to find the tubes for the fresh air /heater system. I can't find the short flex hoses that connect the plastic...

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    Started by bluemagman

  • Seat belts for a '73 super beetle

    The seat belts in my super beetle need to be replaced, and I have two questions: 1: are the retractable 3-point seat belts safer than the standard...

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  • interior 73 Super/73Std

    Are the seats for a 73Super the same style as the 73 Standard....?

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    Started by ljohn

  • Steering Wheel for '71 SB

    I need to know if I can replace the cracked steering wheel in my 71 Super Beetle with a standard (stock) steering wheel from a regular Beetle 71 or...

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  • Rear ashtray/ bolts betw seats

    Hi, Does anyone know whether I can use the rear ashtray from a '72 beetle in my '72 Super Beetle 'vert? Also, between my front seats are two bare...

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    Started by methylman

  • Rubber Mats

    O.k. So, I'm going through the "Mid-America" catalog, looking for interior flooring for my "new" '66 Standard. The carpet...

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    Started by NYer_in_MI

  • Dashboard clock?

    Hey - having a '74 Super professionally restored. Looking for one of those square in-dash clocks - anyone have any idea where I can get either a...

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  • Seat Upholstery

    Guys, I have stripped the seats out of my 73 Super, received front replacement seats cleaned and painted, sandblasted the rear seat and...

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    Started by ljohn

  • seats for a 73 super?

    I need some diff. type of seats that are closer to the pan cuz i'm 6'3 and feel that i have to lean over to see out of the windows. maybe someone...

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    Started by bikertrash35967

  • does anybody know the tap size needed?

    I bought a couple of rear seat securing bolts and seat belts bolts. And now find that I need to tap the holes out because they have...

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    Started by jackred

  • what is this light for ???

    Hello people, I am new to the aircooled world and I have a 73 super.On the dashboard below the radio between the fresh air knobs there is a small...

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    Started by 19josh76

  • door panel access

    I need to put in the passenger side interior window scraper and I guess I have to remove the interior panel to do so. Anyone have the instructions...

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    Started by richb

  • 71 SB Fresh Air Cable?

    I'm trying to find out what the cable that runs out of the passenger side of the tunnel where the tunnel meets the floor pan, just below the shifter...

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    Started by brittsbug

  • Installing carpet kit in 71 SB

    I recently purchased a carpet kit from Empi for my 71 SB. It did not come with directions but I am guessing I would start in the back and work my way...

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    Started by used2bedomestic

  • interior search

    Anyone know of a website that has interior such as pedal covers,steering wheels, shifter and e-brake boots for VW beetles that come in a variety of...

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    Started by 19josh76

  • 72 SB Seat track issue HELP!

    I have a 72 Super Beetle Convertible with wobbly seats... I order new track guides and seat track bushings. I know where the the seat track guides...

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    Started by bmblbug

  • steering wheel adapter for a '71

    Is there a way to make a later model Super steering wheel fit a 1971 model through some adapter or adaptation? I understand the later Supers are the...

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    Started by blur

  • 74 super beetle need seats

    i bought with one seat the guy took the hump out and flatened the rest of the track and bolted after market track to floor. now i may have to replace...

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    Started by loucal

  • Camaro seats??

    To start, along with my Bug, I also own a 1986 Camaro. I've got two sets of extra seats for the Camaro, has anyone ever tried puting third gen...

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    Started by BugMan