• New Beetle Seats in 72' Super Beetle

    Will seats out of a new Beetle model fit into a 72' Super Beetle?

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    Started by 91lespaul

  • Dash controls

    i recently bought a 74 super beetle and some of the dash controls are either missing or not working. they removed something to put a starter button...

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    Started by hippie1969

  • Removing the harness from engine area

    I am trying to remove my main harness from the engine area so I can start rewiring it. Problem I have ran into as most probably have is the Spray in...

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    Started by Chanbob

  • Convertible Boot

    I'm a bit stuck on shopping around for a new convertible boot for my wife's 71 super beetle convertible . I have called various businesses and...

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    Started by 71beetle

  • Best looking dash modification I have ever seen

    I really like this dash... looks like its about a 1968 model beetle... with the defroster vents removed... It has a...

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    Started by 68autobug

  • fuse box problem

    What is the wiring to the fuse block on a 73 standard beetle? Also the starter switch has been cut ( there is no plug for the switch) what wires go...

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    Started by msteele323

  • ragtop

    i believe he means a sliding rag top, like the ones on the older ovals and such check out street beat customs search for vw sliding ragtops

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  • Sticky Hood Latch

    I have a problem with my Hood latch release lever. When it is warm it works fine, but when it is cold it does not work at all. Any...

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    Started by whealy

  • 1974 DASHBOARD

    Hi. Anyone have an ides where to find a brand new dashboard for 1974 Super with curved windscreen?? Thanks

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  • dash lights/speedometer

    hey guys I just read through the interior topic and didn't see any mention of this. Since I have only been a VW owner less than a year and driving...

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    Started by desiree71SB

  • Door Panel Help

    Hey all, Finally got back to work on my bug and ran into an issue I could use a bit of help please. I pulled the old rotted door panels out of the...

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    Started by Sleepwalker

  • Fresh air fan

    Other than the generally accepted method of the process that has worked for me in the past with my bugs- the process I can only describe as the...

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    Started by dmroper

  • help what socket size ???

    In the process of changing my steering wheel . I dont have a large enough socket to fit the main bolt that holds the steering wheel on. Does anyone...

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    Started by 19josh76

  • I've finally fitted the carpet to My beetle

    I've finally fitted the black carpet set i bought about 10 years ago... I used the PVA blue foam that is used as exercise mats.. its...

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    Started by 68autobug

  • I Need Back Seat Cargo Area Demensions 73 SB

    "The Blues" is still in the bodyshop so I can't just go out in the garage and get this info. I'm replacing some old base speakers that are...

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    Started by flash

  • 74 beetle seats

    Looking to replace the original seats in my 74 SB, do any other VW seats fit these cars? Golfs,rabbits etc. without modifications. My sotck seats...

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    Started by 13blackknight

  • Bad Water Leak

    I have a '74 Super Beetle and when I pour water into the vent on the hood infront of the windshield, it leaks into the interior of the car from both...

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    Started by mat

  • Speedo swap on a 73

    Hey there, another question. I'm currently in the midst of swapping my speedo. I had a detailed illustration of the wiring handy, and marked all of...

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    Started by shawns73

  • Question about ducting

    Hi, Another project that I have no the go is to prep the passenger side ducting so that I can get heat up to the passenger side front window. I need...

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    Started by shawns73

  • where can i buy complete dashboard 1303

    hi, where can i buy complete dash board for 1303?thanks

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    Started by dereke

  • 73 Super Headlight Switch

    I realize I have been pushing this headlight switch on the dash for 35 years now, but with that said...I now have a problem. When I push it in to...

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    Started by flash

  • radio face plate?

    does this look like the right radio dash/face plate for my year super 73-79

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    Started by kris25

  • Front Floor Vents

    Does anyone make new replacement front floor vents for the beetle. Mine are warped.

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    Started by jmlloar

  • Dash Switch ID?

    Question about dash switches? I have the original owner’s manual that came with this 74SB, but it seems to shed no light. Referring to the picture...

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    Started by Sleepwalker

  • defroster vents

    I'm looking for a set of the outside part of the defroster vents from a bug without the fresh-air system. Where can I get them? I also need new floor...

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    Started by jmlloar